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One of our Google reviewers writes: “The results are amazing! It also eliminated ticks from our pets. I was constantly pulling ticks off my two dogs, but once mosquito squad started spraying the ticks were no longer a problem.”

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Reviews from our current customers are key ingredients in helping our new customers know what they can expect from Mosquito Squad of Fall River. Please read the reviews below.

“Very personal and friendly staff. They work with you to figure out the best option both financially and logistically based on your service needs. Provide timely communication/reminders regarding spraying and payments. Overall a wonderful business to deal with.”
B.B., Rehoboth, MA

“Excellent communication on the phone and on line with Elisabet. On site sprayers called before arriving…did four properties on on street last year and did six properties on our street this year. Everyone extremely satisfied!”
Rich D., Acushnet

“Mosquito free yard.”
G.P.C., S. Dartmouth

“Reliable, on time, it works !! also, I am able to speak to a human in the office at any time ( not always possible with some companies ) about any concerns ex.schedule change.”
J.F., N.Easton

“It works and we are able to safely enjoy our yard.”
N.F., North Easton

“Customer service is top notch. I would definitely recommend your service to friends and have.”
J.R., Freetown

If this year is like last year, after the second application, we will not bothered by mosquitoes for the rest of the summer!! It was great to be able to sit outdoors and not be pestered. Your service is also great. You communicate and accommodate! I appreciate your service and professionalism!
Nancy K., Acushnet

I already have recommended Mosquito Squad to other people. They come and you don"t even know they are there, they are so quiet, you wake up and the Mosquitoes are gone.
Melissa F., Acushnet

It’s a quick and easy way to control the biting bug problem in your yard. I have seen an amazing difference in my yard! I love that you don’t have to be home for the spraying and if you are then we can enjoy the backyard in 40 minutes. Thanks.
Solange, D., Acushnet

Prompt service and kind receptionist. Friendly associates. Always looking out for the customer.
S. Clegg, Attleboro

The appointments are kept on schedule and any changes we are notified right away. Any requests for special services is honored and always done.
Dianalynn S., Attleboro

Fast & efficient. Inexpensive. Friendly.
Audrey F., Berkley

That it a help controls the mosquito populations. Allowing guest to enjoy their evenings on the farm.
Jackie C., Berkley

Great service that works and allows us to use our yard again, which we couldn’t before.
Susan B., Dartmouth

Love you guys!
Roberta M., Dartmouth

Very thorough with coverage.
Linda M., Dartmouth

The customer service was very helpful and informative. And the results were very good.
Scott A., Dartmouth

The speed and how well it works. The overall effectiveness and friendly customer service.
Jamie H., Dartmouth

Very professional.
Eric G., Dighton

Definitely effective and love the reminders and follow ups.
Patricia B., East Freetown

Promptness, thorough, and effectiveness.
Lynn L., East Freetown

It pretty much worked for us!
Tammy C., East Freetown

It was very easy to set up our sprays for the rest of the summer and we’ve been very happy with the results. Even on damp days, we hardly see any mosquitoes.
Kristine S., Easton

Product has proven itself for 2 years now. The customer service response time for concerns and/or questions is superb.
Rachel K., Easton

The product works! Convenient, affordable and prompt service. Friendly personnel.
Lucy P., Easton

We definitely notice a difference when we our out in the yard since we started using mosquito squad!
Melissa P., Easton

You said that you would do certain things when you came to my house and you did them. I’m so pleased with the fact that you do what you say. I like that you send an email to let me know when you are coming and include directions of what we should do to prepare and stay safe.
Thank You
Michelle K., Easton

Quick service and treatment kept the mosquitoes away! Everyone at my daughter’s birthday party kept saying that it was great to be outdoors at night and not get bitten alive by mosquitoes, especially because I have woods and a pond in my backyard.
Thanks for everything, you guys are great!

Diane B., Fall River

Linda R., Fall River

Professional, quick and responsive to customer needs. I had a spraying done last year that didn’t seem to have been effective and Elisabet & Arnold were right on top of my situation and did a second spraying right away. Have used them again this year and refer them to all my friends and family.
Carlos A., Freetown

I can enjoy our back yard.
Henry R., Freetown

You do what you say you will do, extremely satisfied with your service.
Joyce R., Freetown

Product works, always on time, courteous, email notification a day ahead of time that you will be coming.
Scott W., Mansfield

Very prompt and friendly service. I even called one day before I had an event since I noticed mosquitoes and you were able to come first thing the next morning. We are very happy.
Kristen S., Mansfield

The customer service has been excellent thus far. We have received a number of service checks over the last two weeks. I have found the owners to be hands on and willing to work with me on scheduling.
Kevin E., Mansfield

Not only are the mosquitoes gone but the customer service was outstanding.
Nic C., New Bedford

Yard went from unusable to enjoyable immediately!
Kristin R., New Bedford

I love the fact that my son is protected from mosquitoes as he is allergic and we can all stay outside and enjoy our yard longer and safer.
Katie P., North Easton

Professionals. Responsive. Reasonable cost.
Don C., Norton

Timeliness and effectiveness. Would never be able to enjoy my yard the way we do without your services!
Joe C., Rehoboth

You respond quickly and the product is terrific.
Lilian C., Rehoboth

It works!
J.R. B., South Dartmouth

Everything pretty much as promised, schedule, effectiveness, etc.
Bob S., S. Dartmouth

Mosquitoes were markedly reduced. The man who came to spray was courteous and efficient. Thank you.
Robin W., South Dartmouth

We love the all natural solution you provide. This is our second year and we are very happy with the results. We cannot recommend you highly enough.
Melissa K., South Dartmouth

We can finally sit on our back deck without the fear of being eaten alive by mosquitoes and/or other pesky bugs. After the first application we didn’t see any mosquitoes for two weeks (impressive) and so far after the second application we haven’t seen any (only been a week) and crossing our fingers things continue to be that way. Thank you Mosquito Squad for an awesome service.
Michael I., South Easton

It is amazing at how well it works. I can actually enjoy the outdoors!
Kelly M., Seekonk

It works!! Staff was friendly and efficient.
Sharon C., Seekonk

Friendly service guys. Quick and efficient service.
Carol G., Somerset

So far it has been working. Only one application bit noticed a difference.
Justin S., Somerset

No bugs or ticks!
Heidi K., S. Easton

No bugs to pester us.
Sandra S., Swansea

You make it possible to enjoy the yard!
Joan T., Swansea

Effective on the mosquitoes. There were some mosquito bites but nothing compared to what we normally have in the summertime at night.
Dora L., Taunton

We had no mosquitoes for almost a week. There were no mosquitoes even just after the huge rain storm on Saturday night. We were all out in the yard and everyone was comfortable out there. I will be in touch with you in the spring for possible treatments for next summer.
Thank you so much!!

Wendy D., Taunton

Incredibly professional guys, clear communication about how the service works; great website/very informative. Responsiveness to “2nd spray” requests.
Dalton P., Westport

Great communication before and after application. I worked in the yard all day Sunday, not one tick, not one mosquito bite!
Dan B., Westport

Christine S., Westport

Your staff is always a pleasure to deal with….not to mention you help me protect my grandchildren!!
Thank you.

Carleen D., Westport

Quick, pleasant, and—most importantly—the mosquitoes are down so that we can enjoy evenings outdoors.
Kathleen M., Westport

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