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Stay Mosquito Free in Easton All Season Long

The outdoor season is upon us and keeping the mosquitoes at bay is a huge part of keeping it a pleasant season! What is your Easton mosquito control plan?

Easton remains focused on conservation and preservation even in the midst of recent growth. The campus of Stonehill College and its walking campus is a lovely example with its host of ponds and wooded trails. In fact, 15% of the community is conservation land. Borderland State Park and the Natural Resource Trust “Sheep Pasture” are additional places the people of Easton can enjoy their heritage in the beauty of the great outdoors. Of course with this beauty also comes the perfect habitat for those annoying mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad of Fall River is perfectly equipped to handle those little pests all season long. We offer several mosquito control options to meet the varying needs of individual lifestyles and events.

Easton Mosquito Control Barrier Treatment

Our mosquito control barrier treatment works for up to 21 days, due to it’s time released system. Our trained technicians will come back every 2-3 weeks to keep the mosquitoes away all season long, eliminating 85-90% of mosquitoes on your property.

Easton Special Event Mosquito Control

Easton Mass Mosquito Control ExpertsPlanning a graduation party? Maybe you are in charge of a week-long summer camp? Whether it’s a sponsored event or just a large family get together in the backyard, you don’t want your guests to spend the entire time swatting and shooing mosquitoes away. You want them to remember your event and not the bites they went home with. Our special event spray lasts all day and into the night.

Natural Mosquito Treatment for Easton

If something more natural is what you are interested in, we have that too. Our essential oil treatments reduce mosquito activity by 75% for 14 days. Our trained technicians will return every 2 weeks, continuing to make your yard a great place to spend your days and nights all season long.

Mosquitoes don’t only cause itchy bites and annoy your family and guests, they also carry disease. West Nile Virus, Zika, and Heartworms for your pets are just a few of these. (Read more about the danger on our blog. ) Mosquito control in Easton, Massachusetts is an important part of keeping your family healthy and your outdoor spaces enjoyable. Call us today and let us help keep your risk of illness down to maximize your outdoor fun! 508-536-4855

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