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Mosquito-Free Outdoor Special Events

Fall River, Mansfield, Freetown and the surrounding area is a lovely place to live and celebrate life’s biggest moments. With gorgeous landscapes and lovely scenery, the many outdoor event venues in the area, as well as your own backyard provide a lovely space for hosting summer barbecues, Fourth of July parties, family reunions, graduation parties, and even outdoor weddings. While the weather might be your biggest concern for pulling the day off without a hitch, don’t forget about the mosquitoes and ticks! At Mosquito Squad of Fall River area, we offer special event mosquito control that is guaranteed to make your outdoor event a pest-free enjoyment.

Wedding Mosquito Control

Special Event Mosquito Control

Spending time outdoors during the summer in Fall River means mosquitoes. It is one of the few prices we have to pay for such a glorious climate and landscape. They fly up and take a quick bite, leaving you with an itchy welt that has you smacking at every little tickle the rest of the evening. Don’t let this happen at your special outdoor event. And don’t think that handing out cans of stinky spray is a good solution for your guests. Mosquitoes will view your special event as a feast, making it more important than ever that you get Mosquito Squad on your side.

When you hire us for your special event mosquito control needs, our certified technicians will treat your entire event space with our best-selling mosquito barrier control. You’ll enjoy an odor-free, residue-free barrier that keeps the pests away for the entire day and well into the night and beyond. Your guests will never think twice about mosquitoes, while they’re busy enjoying the day’s activities.

Special Event Tick Control

Maybe less annoying in the moment, ticks can also be a dangerous party crasher in the Fall River area. Ticks don’t stay in the deep woods, they often come out and hang out along retaining walls, fence lines and in medium to tall grasses. If you’re throwing a wedding, it is quite likely that an old barn or stone wall makes a perfect scene for photographs and a perfect feast for ticks. Our special event treatment will protect your guests from tick bites that could lead to tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease.

Treating the entire lawn, and all of the shady, moist places at your event venue will allow you to know that your guests can enjoy the full span of your gorgeous venue and party activities without a worry or care.

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Fall River Special Event Mosquito Control

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