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Ditch the Stinky Spray! Effective Fall River Moquito Control Treats Your Entire Property

We wait all winter long for summer to arrive in Fall River, Mass, we aren’t going to let teensy itchy mosquitoes chase us indoors. Treating your entire yard to eliminate mosquitoes is the best way to enjoy a care-free, pest-free summer. Mosquitoes are not just annoying, but they carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile Virus, Malaria, Zika Virus, Yellow Fever, and they even carry heartworm which can harm your dogs. Enjoy your Fall River area yard this summer with season-long mosquito control by Mosquito Squad of Fall River. We have several options for mosquito treatment, so we are sure we have one to fit your precise needs:

Mosquito Control Fall River Mass

Fall River Mosquito Barrier Treatment

Our backyard barrier treatment is our best selling mosquito control service. Our professional, certified technicians will treat your entire property with our specially formulated product for 85-90% reduction in mosquitoes. The time-released formula will continue to work for up to 3 weeks. We’ll automatically come back and spray every 2-3 weeks to keep you mosquito free all season long. The best mosquito control in Fall River is mosquito control that is constant and consistent with season-long service.

Fall River Natural Mosquito Treatment

Individuals who are in need of a more natural mosquito control solution can opt-in to our natural mosquito treatment program. We’ll spray our special mosquito repellent made from essential oils every 2 weeks. Lasting for 14 days, this product will eliminate 70% of mosquitoes on contact and continue to repel them for up to 14 days.

At Mosquito Squad of Fall River, we also offer special event mosquito treatment to insure that your wedding, barbecue, family reunion, graduation party or other summer event is enjoyable by all – except the mosquitoes. We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all mosquito treatment services. Give us a call today to get started 508-536-4855

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